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Submit a movie that will make a difference

Lewabo Inspirational Movies Submission Takes only 3 steps:

1. Fill out the form on this page, not forgetting the screener link

2. Send more detals of your movie to (optional). 

3. Wait for a 30 days turn around time for an approval or refusal statement.

If approved, your movie would be uploaded on Lewabo as well as submitted to our hundreds of buyers and licensees. At then end of each quarter, the revenue from your movie would be split with Lewabo. If approved, you will be provided a contract to this regard.

Submit a separate form for each movie you have


First name*

Last Name*

Email Address*

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Company name

Company website (if any)

Movie Title*

Approximately how long is the movie?*

A summary of the movie*

What is the message in the movie?*

In which country was it produced?*

Year of Production*

Your phone number*

Are you a Lewabo subscriber? *

Send Preview details if you have a preview

Do you understand that Lewabo Movies reserves the right to refuse any movie without explanation?*

Thanks for submitting!

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