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Submit a movie that will make a difference

Lewabo Movies Submission Takes only 3 steps:

1. Fill out the form on this page

2. Send your movie file (or preview) through a web transfer method to

Transfer methods include WE TRANFER, GOOGLE DRIVE, Weblink plus access code, etc

3. Wait for a 30 days turn around time for approval or refusal statement. If approved, Payment offer will be discussed.

*All African movies must be subtitled in English for consideration*

First name*

Last Name*

Email Address*

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Company name

Company website (if any)

Movie Title*

Approximately how long is the movie?*

A summary of the movie*

What is the message in the movie?*

In which country was it produced?*

Year of Production*

Your phone number*

Are you a Lewabo subscriber? *


Send Preview details if you have a preview

Do you understand that Lewabo Movies reserves the right to refuse any movie without explanation?*

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